My Secret Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipe! Shhhhh!!! 

Happy Monday!
Today I’m sharing a new protein shake recipe. I’m really excited about it because it involves coffee and I looooove coffee! I’ve tried putting coffee in my protein shakes before and they’ve always tasted weird, but I think I found the magic formula!
First, the coffee needs to be chilled. (Duh, should have realized that sooner!) Second, you need to add chocolate. Haha. Yes, cause, let’s face it: everything is better with chocolate! Third, frozen bananas are a must! I made this with a few ice cubes the first time around and it was good, but when I subbed out the ice for a frozen banana, BAM!!! The perfect coffee protein shake was born! That’s when I figured it was time to share this deliciousness! 🙂
What made me wanna put coffee in my protein shake, you ask? Well, I’ve been trying to incorporate more protein into my diet. I’ve suspected for awhile that I wasn’t getting enough and this past week when I started logging my food, I realized just how much I’m lacking this important building block! (I like this article from Woman’s Health on why protein is important part of diet!)
I knew I could easily incorporate a protein shake in the morning when I have access to a blender, but I almost always want coffee in the morning (nothing else), so I googled “coffee protein shakes,” to get ideas. There were a lot of good recipes but mostly everyone used the same formula: cold coffee and either almond or coconut milk. When I finally gave this a try I was so pleased with the outcome! I hope you guys like it, too!
Protein of your choice
(I use Crave Vanilla Ice Cream of course!) –
Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Unsweetened Cocoa
One frozen banana

In the evening, I make a single cup of coffee using hot water from my Keurig and Taster’s Choice instant coffee. I make it in a mason jar and store that in the refrigerator overnight. I also make sure I put a banana in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight.
In the morning, I dump the cold coffee in my Ninja blender cup over one scoop of vanilla protein and two tablespoons of cocoa, a frozen banana and splash of almond milk. Then I blend it, which only takes seconds!
The best part about this smoothie is that you can’t taste the protein! In fact, I think it tastes like a Starbucks mocha frappuccino! I love that fact that this is a healthy swap for my cream-and-sugar-filled coffee in the mornings.
With summer in full swing, I’m also happy to have a nice, cool way to start my morning and one that packs more than 20 grams of protein!
There’s plenty of ways to change this up, too. You can omit the banana and just use ice cubes or omit the almond milk altogether (if you don’t have it or don’t like it). You can also swap the cocoa for cinnamon, or omit both and make it a caffe frappe



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