Q: How many pills do i take each day?

A: Depending on the supplement you are taking, the dosage depends. Always assess tolerance to any weight loss capsule by starting out with ONE pill. Many of our customers take just one capsule a day. This may be all you need.

Q: Do I need to exercise to see results?A: Customers who diligently follow the diet plans and engage in exercising experience the best weight loss. Obviously, there is no pill which can allow someone to eat burgers, for example, all day long, not exercise and still somehow get slim or stay slim. Sensible changes are necessary, and highly motivated clients embrace the change in it's entirety and enjoy great results.

Q: Are there side effects?
A: Each person has a unique DNA, body chemistry, allergy susceptibility, illnesses and conditions. There are no known common adverse side effects documented for most products. Used as directed and ask your physician if you are currently taking any prescription medications.

Q: Are your products able to be taken while nursing?
A: No. You should not take this product while breastfeeding, as it can pass the ingredients to your baby via breast milk.

Q: What if i don't see results quickly?
A: You should see real weight-loss results after two to four weeks, as your body adjusts to the diet and exercise regimen. Be sure to take your measurements at the beginning and periodically, just as you weigh yourself. Often inches are lost but weight stays the same, as muscle develops, and muscle takes up less space than fat. Also make sure you are taking progress pictures weekly. For example, during my month of weight training, i personally gained 6 pounds but lost 8 inches total. Fat takes up much more space than muscle does. Go by the way you feel. Are you putting everything you have into your daily routine? Can something be increased? Are you feeling good about what you're putting into your weight loss journey? If not, let's change it up! Join our free Community group on Facebook.

Q: Will my card be charged each month after purchase? 

A:  No. We are not a recurring billing company. You can order as much or as less as you'd like.