Considering Taking Bee Pollen to help with your weight loss efforts?

Is it possible that you can control your weight with bee pollen?

First we must ask – Have you heard of bee pollen for weight loss? Are you fed up with trying all the latest fads in dieting – without success? Have you lost weight and then put it all back again?
If  you need to lose weight bee pollen may well be a better, natural solution for you.

Have you heard of bee pollen for weight loss?

Obesity, Weight Loss And Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is fast gaining a reputation as a super food with many benefits, but one of the benefits that is surprising to many is that weight loss and bee pollen can go together. Bee pollen for weight loss has been used for years. It’s one of nature’s super foods and can decrease your appetite naturally! 

Obesity is becoming a big problem in many countries including the USA with all the accompanying health complications.
It is a fact that more than 60% of Americans are classed as overweight today and that obesity is one of the main causes of ill health.
Other western countries are not far behind and catching up very fast!

Why is this so?

Modern diets are a large part of the problem as first there is very little nutrition in the processed foods which many people eat today. However, even if you are a healthy eater and eat healthy foods, they too can also be low in essential nutrients due to being grown in overworked soils.
These soils today are so low in essential nutrients that your body still craves food even when you are full as it is looking for the necessary amount of essential nutrition.
You can lose weight with bee pollen – how does it work?First we need to understand how bee pollen is successful at helping people to lose weight.

  • It works by stimulating your metabolism, which in turn speeds up calorie burn. It corrects any chemical imbalances in that metabolism which have also caused people to gain weight. This then regulates your appetite, and at the same time is a natural energizer.

Added to this, the pollen contains all the known essential nutrients needed to maintain life and which you may be missing due to poor nutrition in modern foods.

  • The pollen is bursting with an enormous amount of vitamins B, C and D, most minerals, enzymes and the 22 indispensable amino acids, 14 fatty acids, RNA, DNA lecithin/choline, phenylalanine, carotenes and polysaccharides.

You may remember that lecithin and the amino acid phenylalanine were very popular a few years ago as a weight loss ingredients.

  • It is also nutrient dense meaning that your body receives sufficient nutrients for quite small amounts of bee pollen, as one ounce of bee pollen is only about 90 calories.

As such, it is a powerhouse of all the vital nutrients needed by the body.

  •  Bee pollen for weight loss curbs your appetite and regulates your metabolism, and as a result less fat is absorbed giving you weight control plus an increase in energy levels and vitality.

People have reported that they have lost steadily in a gradual and safe way. Their appetite decreased gradually, but at the same time they were still aware that they were getting all the necessary, vital nutrients.

  • It is also a powerful antioxidant that means it helps to neutralize free radicals and stops premature aging.

A combination of all these benefits, the increased energy and a healthy lifestyle should ensure that your weight loss (or gain) is natural and permanent. No more yo-yo dieting – in fact no dieting at all!
There are many other benefits not necessarily related to weight loss, but which are an added bonus to your overall health.

Taking a holistic approach

This all sounds great, and coupled with the fact that bee pollen is very much a low calorie food it seems well worth trying as a natural way to lose weight.
However, whilst weight loss is achievable it will not happen immediately overnight, but you will find that you will feel more energetic in the first few days and then this is followed by a steady reduction of weight in a natural way.
The good news is that the loss of weight is sustainable – no more yo-yo dieting!
In fact no dieting at all.
However, in order to speed things up it makes sense to take a holistic approach to your overall health and combine the bee pollen with healthy eating and some exercise. This will ensure that you will still get the desired weight loss and at the same time regain that elusive sense of health and well being, and that can’t be bad!
To sum up, bee pollen:

  • reduces food cravings
  • balances metabolism
  • speeds up fat burn
  • boosts energy and stamina

plus it has many other health benefits not necessarily linked to weight loss.
In fact a true “bee pollen diet pill” and at the same time it is a natural, inexpensive way to lose weight, a way which comes with none of the chemical side effects of many over the counter preparations.



Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of TS Transformations, her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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