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Hormone Balance Formula for Women Pre & Post Menopause.

Health doesn’t have to stop with the change of life. Get yourself Balanced.

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Hormone fluctuations from menopause make it so much harder for women to lose the weight and keep it off. Balanced, our newest formula in the TS Transformations line was specifically designed by our team of chemists to assist the female body find a healthy hormone balance for better health and overall general well being while going through the change of life.

If hormone levels are not aligned, we know that even following the perfect diet and exercise routine, we will still struggle. This makes achieving your goals almost impossible. By balancing all your levels, you’ll be able to deal with the stresses of life and put your body into a better place.

If you struggle with symptoms associated with your monthly cycle or menopause, and want better sleep or better mood, Balanced can be your answer. Put your body back into a balanced hormone state with Balance*

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