Phase 3: Stabilization Skinny Drops

A typical day in phase 3 of the Skinny Drops protocol is much like phase 2 that first week but you’ll be adding in more calories and one food group every couple days to see which foods you can and cannot tolerate. I like to think of phase 3 as the learning phase and keep a log of everything that makes you feel not so good.

Phase 3 Suggestions

These are all just suggestions to get an idea of where to start. My first suggestion during the first week of phase 3 is to increase your calories gradually. If you’re coming off of the 500-800 calorie protocol, go ahead and increase your protein portion sizes to 6-8 ounces per meal as this alone will help you increase your calories. I would concentrate on adding in more calories before adding in new food groups. I’ve had much success doing it this way the last several rounds of drops. In phase 3 remember you can now add in new proteins and mix veggies and add simple fats like avocado oil, olive oil, and real butter.

*Don’t forget you’re going to want to recalculate your macros for a ketogenic lifestyle using the keto calculator here so you know how many calories you should be aiming for by the end of the 3rd week in phase 3 protocol.

It’s very important to increase your calories during phase 3. Without the drops in your system you will need to get your calorie intake up to par because why? Our bodies depend on food for fuel. As I always say, the phase 2 low calorie part of this protocol is not SUSTAINABLE for long term use. This diet was designed in this manner because we use food for fuel and your body requires a minimum of 900-1000 calories for everyday functional metabolic processes.

The phase 3 metabolic process

This baffles some people but I want to explain what happens differently in phase 3 of the protocol vs phase 2. During phase 2 the drops actually help break down abnormal fat for calories and according to Dr. Simeons’ original protocol Pounds and Inches, you are getting approximately 2500-4000 calories a day during phase 2 because of the abnormal fat breakdown.

When the drops have left your system in phase 3 your body will be like “whoa!”, where did all my calories go? if you do not increase your calorie consumption. Most people actually feel like they may be eating way too much on phase 3 compared to phase 2, but it’s actually the opposite. You are getting fewer calories in phase 3 because the drops are no longer burning the abnormal fats inside the body. This is crucial information to help you maintain on phase 3.

Again: It’s important to calculate your new macros for your new weight heading into phase 3. Please calculate your macros

Exercising on phase 3

One of the first questions I get asked about phase 3 is when can I start exercising? My recommendation? Jump right into an exercise routine. Your body is coming out of a very strict protocol and with increasing calories you’ll want to be burning some of those babies off.

Start with walking. Just get moving. Our bodies were made to move and with the no workouts during phase 2 we want to introduce your muscles into working again. Also be sure to introduce exercise slowly as you increase your calories. If you do not get enough calories or too many calories and not exercising you may gain. Also it’s important to remember when you introduce weight training on phase 3 your muscle fibers will tare. They will then hold onto water to help repair. So if you see a slight gain the next day after a weight lifting sesh and you know you stayed true to protocol the day before, don’t let it freak you out. It’s most likely water. Make sure you’re drinking water and take a break from the weights that day and go for a walk instead.

Safe Foods To Start Adding Week 1 of Phase 3

I usually introduce cheese right away only because I know from previous rounds that my body can tolerate it. HOWEVER, my body cannot tolerate 2% milk and I’ve found this to be true each time I attempted to add it back in. I can however tolerate unsweetened almond milk. Dairy such as milk, cheese, and yogurt may cause a big gain quickly. If you want, wait it out another week before adding the dairy back in. A slow re-introduction is best with dairy. Many people do not realize they have a dairy intolerance before doing a protocol like this.

Some safe foods you can add back in during week 1 of phase 3: avocados, avocado oils, nuts such as almonds and macadamia nuts. Add larger protein sizes with new veggies such as green peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Oils. Oils add approximately 400 calories in 4T of oil a day. Make sure to lather your protein or add MCT oil to your salads to help get your calories during phase 3.

Hidden Sugars and Carbs in Phase 3

There are many foods you can start adding back in in phase 3 but be sure you are checking your labels for hidden carbs and sugars. This will be your key to success with phase 3. Everyone has a different tolerance to different foods. If you find you are sensitive to dairy (bloating, gassy, diarrhea or constipation) then wait a week or so and try it again. Dairy can be super inflammatory on the gut and take longer to digest. Also try adding dairy in at different times of the day. Try it with breakfast and lunch and skip it for dinner. It’s not always what you add but the timing of it during the day may make a difference.

Remember to continue to drink your water in phase 3 to help flush out your fat stores. Carnival lemonade may be consumed all day during phase 3 of the skinny drop protocol along with your coffee and tea.

The Phase 3 to Life booklet is available for purchase to anyone. It’s a great booklet to help you get started with the right food choices for phase 3 and to help you get started transitioning into phase 4 with a ketogenic lifestyle.

I do offer this booklet for free in the Community. If you aren’t a part of the community with free coaching each week, please join us!



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