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Phase 3 and beyond hcg

The miracle of phase 2 with the Xtreme Skinny HCG Diet Drops is insane. I mean I’ve had people lose 25-45 pounds using Bee-Xtreme’s protocol and drops in just 40 days with phase 2. But what happens after that weight loss? The question that so many people ask before their round. 

5 years ago I thought you just go back to your regular old eating habits. WRONG. Why am I wrong? Because the weight eventually creeps back up. So after my first round of drops and the initial trial and error of gaining back the 15 pounds that I had lost, Keto came into my life. AND IT CLICKED. 

You lost so much weight during phase 2 because your body is in the state of ketosis. No one ever told me this when I purchased my drops before?! There is NOT much education on phase 3 and beyond. I was never taught what to do when I had a gain or I got off track or WHY i needed a step by step process to keep the weight off. 

And I’m here to tell you that LACK OF EDUCATION stops right now. I will NOT leave my customers hanging to regain all that weight they just worked their butts off for. (literally!) 

In the virtual download, P3 to life and beyond, you’ll enjoy a step by step process with explanation of why we do things that we do in phase 3 such as adding back in food groups slowly, what do after phase 3 and most importantly how to maintain the weight loss you just achieved in phase 2 of the Xtreme Skinny Drop program. 


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