Can You Live Without Carbs?

The more you know!……

There’s 2 arguments I hear against the ketogenic diet…. first is that the brain burns 600 calories per day which equates to 150g of glucose ? and the second is that no one can follow a ketogenic diet long term.

Peer Reviewed Journals

In peer reviewed journals for the last 50 years, the arguments about safety and sustainability of the ketogenic diet have been proven WRONG!

Multiple times ??‍? Ketones whether produced from stored fat or dietary fat provide an alternative energy source to the body, including the brain!

They have beneficial effects on the heart, ❤️ the kidneys and have shown a glycogen sparing effect in the muscles ?? 
Ketones are a cleaner burning energy, they produce less free radicals compared to glucose ? and function as cellular signals to activate longevity genes and battle oxidative stress and inflammation ?

Keto – Adapted

When you are Keto-adapted the need for glucose is dramatically reduced. The only cells that are primarily glycolytic (because the lack mitochondria) are the red blood cells ?, parts of the kidney and the epithelial cells that cover the lens of your eye ? even for fast twitch muscle fibers they can recycle lactate back to glucose….. hello heavy weights ??‍♀️

Did you know your two VERY important organs… your brain and your heart PREFER ketones? In the KetoCares trial the heart even stopped lighting up on the Post PET scan…… because it was using ketones!! ???? 

So where does your glucose come from if you ate zero carbs? Amino acids from muscle, amino acids from dietary protein ?, glycerol from your fat, lactate and pyruvate recycling ⚗️ and acetone ? if you add up these numbers it equates to 100-200g of glucose your body can make ??‍⚕️ plus any carbs you eat ?

I’m not arguing about calories people…. I’m arguing for optimal metabolic health! Remember 88% of North America is metabolically broken ? You decide ??‍♀️ In the face of adequate protein and fat…. carbs are not necessary ??

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Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of TS Transformations, her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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