Keto Diet VS HCG Diet?

I wanted to write this article because this question was brought to me by an avid “Keto-er” who wanted to try our ever-so-popular Xtreme Skinny Weight Loss Drops along with the keto WOE (way of eating). So, is there a difference and can the keto WOE be done with the diet drops? HCG Diet Drops have a specific menu for a reason.
Well, there is a big difference between these 2 styles of eating. There are even more similarities but no, you should not do the Keto WOE with drops and here’s why:
— The HCG Diet is a diet derived from Dr. Simeons back in the 1950’s. Dr. Simeons wrote a book  called “pounds and inches” on his studies with “fat boys” and pregnant women.
His studies showed that when fat boys (as he called them) were given HCG (the pregnancy hormone) along with a very low calorie diet, on average the fat boys would lose an astonishing 0.8-1.5 pounds of fat per day. I know, AMAZING right?

But how does this work?

The HCG hormone works with the body & the diet to create a state of ketosis. The HCG allows the for your excess fat in the body to be “unlocked” and used as an energy source during this short term diet. Much like the keto diet, your body uses your STORED fat as an energy source. Although the hcg diet is a low fat low carb way of eating for a short time period.  (mainly because the very low carbs are not a sustainable way of eating for long periods of time, unlike the keto diet which is looked at as more of “lifestyle” change rather than a short term diet)
Since the body is consuming such low fat during the hcg diet the body is using the stored fat as an energy source helping you burn inches off and lose pounds on the scale. The average weight loss with our drops is 10-25 pounds in 21 days. The range is wide for the simple fact that some people have much more to lose than others.
The similarities in the two diets is just that the body enters a state of ketosis with both diets. What that means is the body is deprived of carbohydrates. Since carbohydrates are usually the FIRST thing the body burns as an energy source, the body will then look for another energy source ( aka fats) since you’re not feeding the body carbohydrates. When carb levels are low, the body must break down fat stores to provide sufficient energy.

Ketones. What Are They?

Ketones are the derivative from fat when fat is metabolized as energy. Ketones are used by the muscles, the brains, and other parts of the body for energy.
When the body is in ketosis, it is constantly burning fat for energy and any low carb diet of less than 50-100 net grams of carbohydrates per day is considered to be “ketogenic”.
I have a lot of customers who will transition to the Keto WOE after a round of HCG drops.
It takes approximately 9-14 days for your body to enter a state of ketosis after carb deprivation. This is why during week 2 of the HCG diet is where you will SEE the most fat loss (inches) falling from your body and even so in week 3.
As to why the “keto” way of eating can NOT be done with the hcg diet drops… 
The HCG Diet is a low FAT diet vs the Keto diet which is a HIGH FAT diet. The reasoning for the low fat on the hcg diet is so your body uses your fat stores as the energy source vs fat stores and fat consumed during the keto diet. It just makes sense that you’ll see faster results with the hcg diet than the keto diet. Yes makes faster sense that you’ll see faster fat loss BUT this does not rule out doing the Keto WOE with the drops. IT’s Working! See edit below!
** Edit 2-15-18 I am trial and erroring this way of eating with the weight loss drops and IT’S WORKING. I’m keeping carbs at a min of 13g and under, protein between 50-65 g a day (depending on exercise) and fat intake between 60-77g! I’ve lost 6 pounds in 11 days. Which is awesome considering i only wanted to lose 6 pounds total. IT’S WORKING for pounds on the scale. However, fat loss was minimal during the 11 day trial. I would not recommend this way of eating with drops. 
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*** Fast results do not always mean better though. Please remember that. The Keto diet is a wonderful style of eating for many. Slower results are experienced and that is totally ok. This is considered a lifestyle-change for many compared to the unsustainable HCG Diet.***


Ummm, it honestly depends on who you ask. This is a great debate from many doctors. The debate brings in facts of someone with already high cholesterol levels, obese patients with heart issues, liver issues, etc. This varies from person to person. If you’re concerned about eating keto becuase of high cholesterol levels, I urge you to speak with your doctor first and foremost and then try the HCG Diet drops first instead.
Ketogenic diets have been used for many many years without major medical problems and there is plenty of clinical evidence out there that low carb and high protein diets are effective at not only losing weight, but reducing disease predisposition.
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Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of TS Transformations, her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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