Why Talking To Your Doctor about weight loss may not be the best thing to do.

OK, so you’re overweight. So are two-thirds of all Americans. Maybe you need a nudge to get going on a diet and exercise plan. Maybe you’ve thought about talking with your doctor about weight-loss strategies. Well, a number of studies suggest you’re probably not getting the advice you need.
Many patients say their doctors don’t spend enough time, if any, talking with them about losing weight. But doctors often complain that when they do bring up the issue, nothing changes.
Did you ever bring up your weight to your doctor, but the topic is kind of avoided, almost as if he’s uncomfortable?
What is clear is that this kind of disconnect between doctors and patients is all too common. Studies show just one-third of doctors surveyed say they talk with patients about losing weight. That means two-thirds don’t.
It’s as unreasonable to say I didn’t quit smoking because my doctor didn’t tell me to as it is to say I didn’t lose weight because my doctor didn’t tell me to. Everybody knows you shouldn’t smoke, and everybody knows you should be at a healthy weight. It’s not a mystery.
There are a number of practical reasons why doctors don’t talk with patients about weight. With an average of eight minutes per office visit, many just don’t have time. Doctors aren’t reimbursed for weight counseling, only for treating conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure that result from being overweight.
So who should you talk to about your weight if you can’t talk to your doctor?
There are a lot of people you can confide in. Friends, family, neighbors that went through the same struggle you are going through right now. With the world of social media at your fingertips there are more than enough resources for weight loss.
With the click of a button you’re going to be overwhelmed, I can tell you that right now. From pills, to plans, to wraps, and detox drinks, there’s literally hundreds of thousands of “products and gimmicks” to try.
Make sure you’re talking to someone accountable for the advise they are giving you. Did you know you can buy a “beachbody” program today, and become a “health coach” tomorrow? I’m sorry but that’s absurd to me! Not saying that all “beachbody coaches” are unaccountable. A lot of them are accountable, BUT even more of them are just trying to make a buck.
You need a plan of action. Most people will not sit down with you to figure one out. That’s where we come in. We have general plans but sometimes you need more specific plans. And this is something we offer to you for FREE because we want you to get healthy! It won’t be easy and it’ll take work on your part, but we promise to get you the #RESULTS you deserve. We aren’t just a company who throws supplements at you and says good luck. We are all different and not one thing works for everybody. So if your company is telling you that you’re not doing something on your part because you’re not seeing results—go to a different company before they try getting you to buy a different product. It’s that simple.
Contact me and I’ll help get you on a plan that will work for your busy lifestyle. It’s not rocket science it’s just taking that extra step that to show that we care about the consumer!



Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of TS Transformations, her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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