Zi Xiu Tang, Slim Trim U, ZXT Gold. It’s GONE. Get Over It.

I was scrolling through facebook the other day and came across a post from an old distributor of mine, looking for Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsules. I had to laugh to myself not because he wanted them, but because of the comments in the post. 

Guys, it’s been 4+ years since these capsules were taken off the market. They were taken off the market for good reason. They had illegal weight loss ingredients in them. Not one but two ingredients were found according to the fda. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, i loved Zi Xiu Tang Classic Formula bee pollen. I also loved Ultimate Formula bee pollen. They both were taken off the market. 
Zi Xiu Tang & Ultimate Formula Press Releases from FDA. 

Why are these supplements being recalled? 

Sibutramine. Sibutramine was a prescription weight loss capsule that was given in 10 and 15 mg doses to severly obese people. The use of sibutramine showed an increase in myocardial infarctions by 16%. Is this a lot? No. But the FDA thought the number outweighed the thousands of patients using it for weight loss without issues. See the medscape article here

They also found a prescription laxative in Zi Xiu Tang. Phenolphthalein is a laxative no longer approved for sale in the US. According to the FDA, its health risks include irregular heartbeat, and cancer with long-term use. Sixty-six supplements in our database contained phenolphthalein, most of them marketed for weight loss. Some companies — such as Pure Edge Nutrition, MyNicKnaxs, and New Life Nutritional Center — included the drug in several of their formulations. 

Ok so going back to my original point— the comments on the post. Guys– if you think you can still find those pills (the original ones) please stop and think for a moment. We as distributors could have gotten into a lot of trouble from selling those capsules. If you order something from china claiming to be zi xiu tang and don’t think you can get in trouble, think again.  Some businesses are out to get your money. They know people are looking for those pills so they will pretty much slap a label on anything and tell you it’s zi xiu tang. There is NOTHING out there that comes even close to the pill and believe me, I’ve searched. And if there IS something out there… i can almost guarantee you– no, I’d bet my life on it that it contains sibutramine. Just a fun fact to keep in the back of your mind. 
Why on earth would you want to take it anyway is my question? 

Someone posting they “were waiting” to get theirs from china. They ordered from the “official” website so it’s gotta be true, right?  Heads up guys– we ordered those pills, and we had them tested and guess what– 55 red flags came up on that supplement. 55!! 55 ingredients in there from mold to dust to rat shit was in that capsule. Here’s the kicker– it only contained one ingredient that it said it contained. ONE INGREDIENT. (and it wasn’t bee pollen!)  DISGUSTING! Is this really the chance you wanna take for a couple pounds of weight loss? I WOULDN’T! NO WAY IN HELL! Your life is worth way more than that so let’s open your eyes. 

Yes, the results with Zi Xiu Tang, Slim Trim U, ZXT Gold, Infinity and all those other Floyd Nutrition nutrition and Bee Pollen Diet capsules were EASY. They were honestly too good to be true. BUT THEY WERE HARMFUL AND WOULD HARM YOU AND YOUR BODY IN THE LONG RUN IF TAKEN FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. 

You can see the results of Zi Xiu Tang, Slim Trim U, Zxt Gold, and the others with our USA made supplements but it’s going to take a little work on your part. More than just water. I had a woman contact me the other day and tell me that one company she was dealing with just told her to drink more water or take a detox capsule because she wasn’t losing weight. This is bull shit. If the owner of the business cared enough to do a little digging, the woman has a disease that effects her muscles and a detox could have really hurt her. It makes me mad that there are greedy companies out there like this. It really really does. 

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to learn a few things in the process such as food choice, calorie counting, macronutrients, exercising. These are the things you should be searching out instead of a pill to do all the work for you. A supplement is just that. A Supplement– something to supplement your diet plan. To help you curb cravings, to help you have more energy, to help you want to make better choice. 

We hired a private chemist to make you a SAFE ALTERNATIVE to those China capsules. And we are seeing AMAZING results with the Xtreme Line of supplements. We have about a  98% success rate with Super Slim Bee Pollen and our eating plans. Most of customers after month one will add in Xtreme Burn fat burner and that’s really when the results begin to show.  We not only show you how to get the weight off, we show you how to keep it off and honestly isn’t that your ultimate goal? To keep it off? 

Weight loss is a roller coaster. We get that. We know it’s stressful. We know it’s hard but we also know what works and what doesn’t. I work one on one with my customers for a reason— EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT AND HAS DIFFERENT SITUATIONS GOING ON IN THEIR LIFE. 

Please join the BeeXtreme Community to get that one on one attention you all so deserve to get when it comes to weight loss. www.facebook.com/groups/beextremecommunity or contact me personally to get started today. I’ll gladly help you out. 




Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of TS Transformations, her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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  1. Felaciea Parham on May 26, 2018 at 10:33 pm

    I tried Zi Xiu Tang in the past and it was amazing!! I was going to order some from the “official” site today until I read all these warnings. I’m interested in BeeXtreme.

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