A guide to choosing the right weight loss plan!

Let’s face it, there are TON of ways to lose weight. Everywhere you turn you see “try me!, do this!, don’t eat that!, new year, new you” BLAH BLAH AND MORE BLAH!!!  For those that know me, they know i’m a blunt person. I’ll tell ya how it is. Some love that, others don’t and that’s ok, cause i’m me. I’m very opinionated when it comes to weight loss supplements. I’ve spent countless hours researching them, making them, buying them and testing them, and throwing them away. I WILL NOT sit here and tell you that my supplements will work without diet and exercise. I just won’t. That’s not how I am and that’s not what I believe. Do some people take BeeXtreme supplements and not exercise and diet and lose weight? ABSOLUTELY! But the truth of the matter is that everyone is different and not everyone can go off of one testimonial. And just as is the fact that not everyone can off of a testiomonial that our supplements “didn’t work” for them. 

Speaking of “didn’t work” — this is sort of a pet peeve of mine. When i get asked which supplement is best for you and you say that you’ve tried others and they “didn’t work”. What exactly does that mean? Did you NOT lose weight? Did the supplement not do what it was supposed to? Did it not work with your plan? Did you not have a plan?? Some people look at me like i’m cray!… Seriously!! 

And here comes my rant for the week! =) So, you say a supplement didn’t work. Most (not all) will say “well, i didn’t lose weight when i took those other supplements”. Ok, that’s fine. What supplement were you taking and what is it for? Well, ya there’s a ton of supplements out there and yes, they all do something different. What have YOU done to help your weight loss? That supplement you just spent 60 bucks on is to 1. HELP CURB YOUR APPETITE SO YOU DON’T OVER EAT 2. HELP GIVE YOU MORE ENERGY SO THAT YOU MAY MOVE MORE OR GET THROUGH A WORKOUT 3. GIVES YOU FOCUS TO REACH YOUR GOALS 4. HELPS DETOX YOUR BODY 5. HELPS YOUR SUGAR CRAVINGS 6. HELPS YOUR MOOD SWINGS 7. HELPS YOUR BLOATING 8. HELPS YOU SLEEP BETTER AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON. 

I’m going to be blunt here……if you’re taking a supplement AND NOT MAKING ANY OTHER CHANGE —- you’re wasting your money! Just don’t do it! Supplements are just that, supplements. They supplement your body with things you may or may not get through regular food. Supplements are designed to assist your body with things you need help with. 

Here’s the kicker, if you do your part, MOST of those supplements will work in the manner in which they were intended to work! Look at the labels, ask questions. What are your goals with your journey? Do you want to fit back into those jeans comfortably? Ok then you may want to try a fat burner.. But don’t complain when your jeans are fitting good and you didn’t lose a pound on the scale. Fat burners will more than likely help you lose inches more than pounds. If you want to lose pounds…. go by the theory calories in, calories out. YOU NEED TO WORK TO SEE PROGRESS. THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL!  This is a lifestyle change. There is no quick fix. (wait, i shouldn’t say that. sure you can do a 3 day detox diet and shit your brains out to lose that 5 pounds before that wedding next weekend but i guarantee you that once you go back to your old ways that weight will come right back on!) 

Was that a little harsh? Sorry, that’s the truth. A good outcome means a good plan, dedication, commitment and in the end is most likely SUCCESS. Would you go to college without a plan? Would you go to your classes without your books? would you buy your books and not read them? No, of course not. The same theory with your weight loss plan. 

If you have a plan in place, if you’re exercising and eating well and not seeing results, contact me. I am here to help. I’ve been doing this for years and i’ve heard every story in the book. I will help you out the best i can. If i don’t know the answer to something you best believe i’ll search until i find it for you. I LOVE HELPING YOU START A PLAN. This is the best part of my business!! Why? BECAUSE I LOVE SEEING YOU AT THE END OR WHEN YOU REACH YOUR GOAL WITH THAT SUPER BRIGHT SMILE SAYING “I FINALLY DID IT”!! And you’re 100% — YOU accomplished your goal. You hit that goal weight. That “pill” didn’t make it happen. It just assisted. YOU put the work in and YOU deserve every recognition you can get!!! EMAIL ME with any questions or concerns and let me help you get started on a better life today! 





Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of TS Transformations, her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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