Xtreme Ketosis


Stop fueling your body with sugar and carbs and experience a more natural and efficient energy source with Xtreme™ Ketosis. Skip the sugar and opt for an energy supplement made from pure BHB salts.

You can get all the benefits of a low carb diet, including forcing the liver to convert your body’s fats to ketones to satisfy your appetite and provide energy for your muscles, brain, and heart – without the discipline required to eliminate carbs from your diet! Xtreme Ketosis Exogenous Ketones help you get into ketosis faster and avoid keto flu!


Enjoy the benefits of ketosis whether your diet includes carbohydrates or not. Teach your body to burn fat instead of sugar, experienced reduced hunger, and enjoy both instant and long-term releases of energy to power through your workouts.

If someone were to ask me if I would rather get into ketosis with a product or use exogenous ketones, my answer would be exogenous ketones day in and day out.

Are these needed to reach ketosis? Absolutely not. But I will tell you that they help tremendously, especially when you “think” you’re keeping those carbs below 20g but you aren’t and it’s keeping you from reaching ketosis!

Go with exogenous ketones to help you reach ketosis, you will NOT be disappointed!

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Beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is best known as the body’s alternative fuel source when no glucose is present. When we go 24 hours or more without food the body will switch to ketones, including BHB, for energy. Using Xtreme Ketosis tells the body to switch to BHB as fuel with or without carbohydrates and glucose in your diet.

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