Free Coaching – Weekly Meal Plans

So you’ve decided to start meal planning? WAY TO GO! Bee-Xtreme’s FREE Weekly Meal Plans will give you a ton of ideas!

Meal planning is so awesome because it helps you save SO MUCH money, time and energy. Imagine whipping up a bunch of go-to budget-friendly meal plans you can prepare quickly and enjoy without stress. In fact, with a little practice, you’ll be able to spend just an hour or two on a Saturday or Sunday preparing a WHOLE WEEK’S worth of food—cutting your weeknight kitchen time down to zip, zero, zilch, nada! With our free meal plans, all the hard work is literally done for you!

I know—sounds WAY too great, right? I swear it’s for real and it’s totally going to be OK because we’re doing all the hard work for you!

When it comes to meal planning, there’s one BIG challenge: coming up with WHAT to make. No matter which meal planning method you follow, sometimes you’re still left scratching your head, wondering what exactly to put on the menu.

You might have the ingredients but not the answer.

These budget-friendly meal planning options not only provide you with ideas for WHAT to make for dinner, but you’ll also get a plan for exactly how to make each recipe—plus, you’ll save lots of money in the process.

When you’re meal planning on a budget it can be hard to get creative. (Taco night again??) Plus, most of us aren’t gourmet chefs or even short order cooks (although you may feel like it sometimes), so coming up with new, interesting options can be tough.

Just remember: the key to being successful on any life style change is to be PREPARED. Take a break, focus on you, and let us do the work for ya! Just join our Bee-Xtreme Community on facebook and these free meal plans will be available every single Friday for the following week! 

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There’s a lot more that goes into coaching than meal plans and we want you to have the BEST experience getting your body into ketosis and staying there for optimal fat loss! From plateaus to trouble losing weight, our ideas and methods will be sure to keep you going on your weight loss journey. We don’t want you to miss out! 

What to expect in the Bee-Xtreme Community?

Support and motivation from real customers just like you! Come and join in on all the successes! 

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Success with any style of eating! Keto is not for everyone and we know that. If it’s not for you we have TONS of other options!