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B-Lean Xtreme is the newest supplement to hit the Xtreme Line, designed after extensive research regarding the Keto Way of Eating.

Ketosis isn’t all about “fat, fat, fat”. Keto is about first limiting your carbs, getting your body into a state of ketosis. There are a ton of “keto” diets out there, Atkins, Paleo, Standard Keto, Cyclic Keto, HCG, to name a few. These are all considered Keto diets because, why? You are putting your body in a state of ketosis!

As a certified Keto coach, I wanted to offer not only exogenous ketones to help your body get into a state of ketosis easily, but also something to help promote a healthy gut, something to make use of stored fat more easily, and something to help move fat across the membranes and not only use stored fat as energy, but excrete excess fat in body, making your body more lean and toned! That’s where B-Lean was born!

Let me just say that NO, you do not have to be following a keto diet to use this supplement! This supplement is really for anyone who has a hard time breaking down fats, carbs, and protein.

B-Lean makes food absorption easy with putting those vitamins and minerals we need to work! It optimizes the availability of vitamins and minerals that are consumed so that we, as humans, are able to use them efficiently, like we are supposed to!

B-lean uses an ingredient called LeanGBB, a cutting edge fat loss ingredient that aids in lipid metabolism and ATP production. This ingredient amplifies cellular energy and burning body fat!

What is LeanGBB™?


The liver and kidneys make carnitine from lysine and methionine. Add a sprinkle of a couple vitamins and some catalyzing reactions and you get carnitine.

Carnitine is concentrated in skeletal and cardiac muscle tissues. These tissues utilize fatty acids as fuel.

Carnitine’s main purpose is to transport fatty acids into cell mitochondria so they can be oxidized and used for energy.

L-Carnitine is shown to:

Increase lipolysis.

Reduce cholesterol.

Increase energy.

Carnitine is mainly responsible for converting fatty acids into energy. Better than fatty acids just sitting around getting fatty-er, right?

When the body needs energy, very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) release fatty acids. L-Carnitine acts as an Uber and transports those fatty acids to cells and across membranes they otherwise couldn’t cross without carnitine.

As a result, fatty acids are oxidized.

So, now that you know GBB helps make carnitine, why not just take carnitine?

Because,  taking 100mg of GBB is equal to taking about 3,000 mg of carnitine.


Plus, by supplementing with GBB, studies show it can increase carnitine concentrations in the body by up to 300 percent.

As with citrulline and arginine AKG’s synergy, GBB more positively impacts the body than carnitine alone.

Why would you take 30 times the amount to get one-third of the result? You wouldn’t, would you? 

No. The answer is no.

If you’re trying to get rid of some fluff, or ward off winter weight, get a scientifically backed natural supplement with this very ingredient in it. It attacks multiple reasons for weight gain, and helps you burn calories, block carbs and burn fat.(1)

With LeanGBB in your corner, you’re sure to see fat loss results!!

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