Eat to lose weight, not exercise

​Before I start, I want to let you know I’m not condoning zero exercise.  In fact, exercise is freaking awesome and something you should try to do every day. However, I am here to tell you that if your primary concern is weight loss, exercise is merely the icing on the cake.  90% of your waistline battle is won or lost in the kitchen (or at the restaurant table, or at the drive-thru window, etc.)
Warning: this will ask you to possibly make some substantial changes to your diet – are you up for it?
Eat Real Food
I’m a huge fan of the food philosophy presented in books like The Paleo Diet, Good Calories Bad Calories, and sites like Mark’s Daily Apple. Why?  Because they make this diet thing so simple and logical even a caveman could understand it.  My apologies if you’re a caveman.  If you’re new to the “Paleo Diet” concept, here it is in a nutshell.  Rather than list what you can’t eat, here’s what you CAN eat:
REAL foods – veggies, lean meats, fish, eggs, fruit, and nuts.
Why does this work? Because you’re only eating foods that you’re genetically engineered to thrive on: high quality, high energy REAL foods.  Not from a box, not from a bag, not from a window.  Food from the earth.  Yay!! Nature!!
Cut Way Back on the Rest
Bread, cereal, pasta, fried food, rice, bagels, doughnuts, waffles, chips, tortillas, candy etc. – these things are all loaded with carbs (and if they’re processed – refined carbs and sugar), and I’ll bet a million Monopoly dollars they’re the cause of 99% of the population’s weight problem. I’m not telling you to give all of this stuff up completely – I’m just telling you that this is probably the reason the weight isn’t coming off of your frame.  Here’s why:
Most grains, refined carbs and sugar were nonexistent way back in the day, which means our bodies never quite adapted to properly process them. 

Today’s general recommended diet ratio of 50-60% carbs, 30% protein, 10-20% fat is so far off it’s ridiculous. I’m sorry, but it is.  This ratio has been pushed on the public for decades, and new “low fat” items continue to pop up every day…and yet the country continues to get wider and bigger and fatter.
Something’s not right.
How I Know it Works
Although I’ve recently added some grains back into my diet I can attest to the fact that the Low carbs no sugar style diet like a Paleo diet absolutely works.   In the last 3 months that I’ve switched my foods around my body fat percentage dropped from 28% down to 23%.  Besides myself, many customers have lost quite a bit of weight from making this change as well.
Cut Out Liquid Calories
Soda, beer, juice, margaritas Gatorade, vitamin water, cappuccinos, fruit coolatas – avoid them whenever possible. These beverages are all loaded with sugar which immediately turn to fat in your system.  And switching from a 12 pack of Coke to a 12 pack of Diet Coke might not solve your problems either. My advice: chug water like it’s your job.  It will curb your appetite, keep your insides running properly, and give you an excuse to get up and go for a walk to the bathroom every thirty minutes.
Eat Less Than Before!
Don’t want to change what you eat?  Welp, you’re just going to count calories (using a site like DailyBurn).  It’s a pain in the ass, but it works.  Here are the three equations you need to know:
Calories consumed > Calories burned = weight gain.
Calories consumed < Calories burned = weight loss.
3500 less calories per week = 1 pound of fat weight loss.

As explained in the video above, the types of you food you eat is more important than these equations let on, but just creating a caloric deficit will still produce weight loss (although far less efficiently).
Tyler over at has had incredible results by continuing to eat his favorite foods in moderation.  However, along with eating his favorite foods in moderation, Tyler also spends hours and hours in the gym burning off all of those calories, which is incredibly time consuming.  I just don’t have that kind of free time and I guess that you don’t either, so why not work smarter instead of harder? Rather than eating bad foods and spending hours working it off, instead eat GOOD foods, put in only 20-30 minutes of solid exercise, and then enjoy the rest of your day.  Life’s too short to spend it doing stuff that’s just not necessary.
The Choice Is Yours
I’m not going to yell at you and force you to only eat grilled chicken and steamed vegetables for every meal – I’m not your mom (phew, that would be weird).  Besides, you’re a grown individual and you can make choices for yourself.
I AM, however, telling you that if you want to see results without spending hours upon hours in the gym, you need to get your diet under control, and this is the most efficient way for you to get there.  The more you can change to what’s been listed above, the quicker you’ll get to your goal weight.  Switching to a 100% Low Carb, Low Sugar Diet after years of eating bad carbs is a recipe for disaster.  Instead, try finding a way to implement a change or two along the way until you start to see those results.
I realize this is much easier said than done, which means this isn’t really about your diet: it’s about your will power and finding a good balance of changes that you can successfully manage. Whenever somebody says “I can’t give up that food” or “I just don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal” all I hear is, “I don’t want it badly enough yet.”
I’m okay with that.
If you’re not at that point yet to take control of your life, I’ll do my best to inspire and motivate you to get there…but the desire to change has to come from within you.  If you ARE at the point where you really want to make a change, I’m here to help, along with a community of people on our message boards who are there to support you.
Now that you’ve made the choice, let’s talk about Xtreme Reboot!
First and foremost—when I mentioned above about the cavemen and what they eat, I also mentioned that our digestive tract can’t keep up with “new” American diets. We aren’t processing foods correctly, especially fatty foods. To solve this problem and to get your system running at tip top shape we suggest a cleanse every 6-8 weeks. You see, at any given point in time we can hold up to 20 pounds of “shit” in our intestinal tract. …just sitting there, rotting away inside their small/large intestines and colon! Did you know that? Yes!!
As this toxic waste builds up, your body becomes a walking vessel of fecal toxicity. Once this happens, you begin to experience excess fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues (like irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, constipation, and diarrhea), skin conditions (like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, etc.), brain fog, focus/attention issues, mood swings, anxiety and depression… and that’s just the beginning!
In fact, over 170 SERIOUS health issues have been linked directly to an unhealthy gut! Health concerns like:
Mood Swings / Depression
Inflammation / Joint Pain
Heart Disease
Memory Loss
Increased Aging
And much, much more!

Do you struggle with any of those issues? If you do…
It may be a bit embarrassing to talk about your POOP, but it has a HUGE impact on your health and is something you MUST understand if you want to look and feel your best!
It may come as a shock, but your digestive system impacts the health of your entire body and understanding the health of your digestive system begins with understanding your POOP!
If you are not producing well-formed stools after each meal… you are most likely suffering from a toxic build up inside your digestive system that is secretly causing all of your health concerns…
New research suggests that most people have up to 8 undigested meals in their gut at any given time (or possibly even more!), and it is secretly putting a huge strain on your digestive system, immune system and your overall health and well-being!
As the quality of “modern food” has deteriorated with the invention of unnatural, hard to digest, heavily processed foods loaded with artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners and GMO’s… we are unknowingly putting a MASSIVE strain on our digestive system that is leading up to an epidemic of illness!
When your gut is balanced, your body is healthy. When it is not, your digestive system becomes impaired and your health slowly deteriorates because your digestive system is responsible for a lot of different things such as vitamin and mineral absorption, protection from sickness and illness, metabolism, mood, feelings, happiness, and eliminating toxic waste! 
Toxic waste and an unbalanced gut have a direct impact on our entire bodies and are something dieting and exercising alone cannot fix!
Get Xtreme Reboot NOW and start cleaning up your gut!! 



Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of TS Transformations, her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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