Why Choose TS Transformations’ supplements?

It’s not just a brand name for us. It’s a way of life.
I hate writing. I’m not good with words, I swear like a sailor sometimes, I get frustrated with trying to get things out the way I think about them in my head, and that’s a downfall of mine. But I keep trying. And the more I work at it, the more I can go back and fix mistakes.
That’s one downfall of many. I’m human. I make mistakes. Lots of mistakes, but I continuously work on them. Why choose to live life day in and day out and not give your very best? Take life by the horns and take things to the Xtreme? In every situation?

I guess that’s just my motto these days. I don’t ever settle for one thing. I blame a lot of that on my OCD behaviors (lol!) but I’ll look at the positive side for now. Because, you know there is a negative to that.

Choose Us To Help You With Your Weight Loss Journey. Why?

Well for starters…we aren’t just some company who is here to sell you another pill that will sit on your shelf after a week of taking it. That’s for sure. We won’t fill your head with a bunch of crap with our “miracle pills”. I’m blunt. I tell it like it is.

Our supplements are ALWAYS a work in progress and have been from day 1. I personally believe that we have some of the BEST supplements that the fitness and health industry have to offer. (And believe me, I’ve taken a ton of them!)
There’s literally tens of thousands of pills and supplements on the market, so what makes us stand out?


What do I mean by that?
Well first off let me just say that we don’t work with just one company, one manufacturer, one distributor, one chemist. There is not ONE person on this whole earth that has all the right answers and that’s why we’ve taken the initiative to outsource to several companies and manufacturers for our products. Through the years I’ve spoken with dozens of people on their outlook on capsules. I’ve got the best ideas from not just ONE but all of them, and combined all that information to make the best of the best supplements.

SMART FACT: Did you know that we currently work with 4 different manufacturers; 3 different chemists; and about 6 different sales reps in producing our capsules? YES!!

We do this for good reason. I have one guy on the lookout for new and upcoming ingredients and mixtures for various things, I have another guy researching “old school supplements” that were changed and why they were changed, I have another guy researching molecule combustion in the human body and why our ingredients work the way they do in our bodies, and what we can do to make a better supplement for our consumers.

Then there’s little ole me who takes a HUGE interest in the stuff that makes us do what we do. I blame this on my nursing school! For some reason I took a huge interest in researching meds and what they do to our bodies in what quantities, what side effects occur and why they occur and what other ingredients or chemical or herbs are better than the other.

Some people probably look at me like I’m a “nerd” but the fact of the matter is, I just like to learn new things! I can’t explain why, I’ve been this way my whole life. Could explain my multiple degrees and continuing education credits and certificates. (And my horrible student loan debt!) I love learning about new herbs, new all natural things that can help not only our weight but our overall health.
So that in itself makes us stand out from others a little more.

MY customers are not just CUSTOMERS, they are FAMILY.

Through the years I’ve gotten to know soooo many of you on a personal level. I know your name, your husbands name, the ex’s name that put you in the “I don’t care” mood you’ve been stuck in that related to your weight gain, I know your kids’ name and their effect on your life, hell I even know how many times some of you poop a week! LMAO! The point is, I’m NOT a call center that doesn’t know what you’re going through on a personal level. I’m a human being who takes that extra mile to get to know her customers.  I have your best interest at heart and i always will! Many of you have my number on speed dial, and that’s ok with me! I feel like you should feel comfortable coming to me.


I am not the type to say—“our supplements are the only ones that work” because I can’t confidently tell you that. Everyone is different. Everyone acts different to different ingredients. Plain and simple. And if a company does tell you that—they are flat out lying to your face and just want your money. That’s the bad part about this business.

I am here to tell you that if you take one of our supplements and it doesn’t work for you in some way (ex. Appetite suppression, energy, detox, fat loss, weight loss, etc etc) please contact me. You won’t be disappointed. Most that contact me after taking a full month with little results will get a something- samples, diet plans, advice, workout programs, etc. I am here to help you and that’s what I do best. If one thing doesn’t work, I will personally work with you until we find another that does work. I did receive my Certified Personal Trainer certificate. But just let me tell you, just because I have a piece of paper doesn’t mean I know it all when it comes to fitness. I know a lot, yes, but I don’t know it all. I guess that what makes this business interesting- always learning something new.

I am currently working on my schooling for my certificate for  Nutritionist and Wellness Coaching. Because I do believe nutrition goes hand in hand with making a lifestyle change. However, I don’t believe that one person needs to deprive themselves of the food that they love. Why spend everyday miserable? It doesn’t keep you on track.

I am a nurse as well, so I can give you thoughts on what I think, however I always encourage those who are on prescription meds talk to their doctors and more importantly their pharmacists when combining medications with herbs.

We will help you every step of the way, from start to finish on a personal level and that in itself makes us stand out.

Live your life everyday being Xtreme. Never settle. Push harder, work harder, work smarter, see a better outcome. That’s what we’re about.

P.S Keep a look out for all new Xtreme #TotalBodyDetox 14 Day Cleanse for total body purification! A M A Z I N G!!
Also a little something i can’t announce yet! Yes, it’s killing me but it’ll be worth the wait! I promise!!



Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of TS Transformations, her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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