Monday Workout: Total Body

💥Total Body Workout💥 –
Level: Moderate

Equipment: 15lb dumbbells (use what’s ideal for you) –

1. Side Lunge & Crunch (be sure to sit back into it, push thru heel) 8 Reps ea Leg –

2. Squat Curl Press (wide stance, toes forward) 10 Reps –

3. Stationary Lunge Press (really Press thru that front heel, go straight up & down, don’t let yourself slide forward, core tight) 8 Reps ea Leg –

4. Pendulum Deadlift Press (notice even as I reach toward ground my back remains flat, watch yourself in mirror to check) 8 Reps ea Leg –

5. Plank Rows (core tight, booty tight & activated) 10 Reps –

6. Squat & Crunch (stay low) 10 Reps

7. Jumping Jack Press (doesn’t need to be super fast, core tight) 10 Reps –

3-5 Sets 😅
-VC Via @mytrainercarmen 
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