Top 10 Ways to Beee #HAPPY in #life! =)

Here is what I’ve learned:
1. Live now.
Yes it’s such a cliché, but dwelling on the past or constantly planning the next step stops us from enjoying life here and now. Here and now is when we live. We might live tomorrow as well. But who knows.
2. Follow your dream.
I’m not talking about “a good job,” “a fine house” or “an okay life,” or, for that matter, taking up knitting, which you’ve dreamed about for years. I mean truly and utterly opening the channel to your inner core and seeing what you find. I mean doing what you really want to do with the rest of your life.
Impossible, you say? Well, I don’t mean quitting your job and jumping into the unknown. I mean, setting up a plan and some goals to start doing what you’ve always dreamed about, step-by-step if you like. And when you do, (wo)man will you glow.
3. Give.
Yes, I know we sometimes feel like we give and give and get nothing in return. But hey, it’s in the giving, and doing it unselfishly, that we find true happiness.
Give freely from the depth of your heart. Help a friend in need. Help a child in your sphere. Help an organization in Africa. Help the homeless in the street. What ever your cause, help and set yourself free.
4. Think positively.
Our thoughts are so powerful that it rocks my soul at the core when I think about it. And yes, we’ve heard it all before. But we humans think so many negative thoughts every day, and it’s in this negative sphere that we live and breathe.
Can you sense the contaminated thought-air? I can. Well then, change it! 
5. Spread your love.
We all have our problems, and if we are to wait until we are problem-free before we love and share the love, it will never happen.
So how do we spread the love? It’s easy. Say a kind word, help someone, give someone a hug or a smile, send loving energy around you, think love, meditate love, live love, act love, make love, and encourage another person to do all of the above.
6. Get support.
Although I do believe we all hold some hidden super powers within, I also believe we need support. Find out what you need to live happy and make sure you get it.
Do you need a mentor? Do you need to get rid of some energy thieves around you? Do you need technical help? Do you need someone to tell you you’re wonderful every day? Ask someone to tell you. Whatever it is, take charge and make sure you get it. We cannot do everything on our own.
7. Take charge.
Yes, you are your own steering wheel, your compass, the principal of your life. Don’t sit back and expect others to solve your problem. Don’t sit back and wait for your boss to offer you another position. Don’t wait for prince(ss) charming to propose to you. Do it yourself!
Also, remember, you are entitled to live happily. If you need to meditate one hour a day, take a walk when the sun is out, or exercise in the morning to be happy, do it. You are allowed. Find out what you need and do it.
8. Change and adapt.
Society is a changeable commodity. We need to change and adapt. If you sit too tightly on your chair, you will not be happy.
Not many things are certain in life, but two things are: We all will die; and more importantly, things will change. Your job won’t last forever, your kids will grow up, your house will age, and your spouse will change.
We all need to change and adapt. Take the opportunity to have fun with it. See it as a positive.
9. Have fun.
Yes, life is supposed to be fun. Many days it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. And how do we get there? Laugh every day. If not, at least smile. Smiling releases tension; and endorphins spread in your body, even when you fake smile. Smiling is like a free happy pill. Do fun stuff!
10. Last but not least, remember who you are.
We are much greater than we realize. You are a spiritual entity. You have a higher purpose. You are connected to all living things. You hold some super powers.
And a great magical world is available to you. You just need to find your path to it. Look within.
Remember you. Your life is supposed to be happy.



Toni Sweeney is a Triple Certified Ketogenic Diet and Primal Health Coach and weight loss expert who personally lost 80 pounds while making a total lifestyle change. The founder of TS Transformations, her formulas and plans has helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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