Xtreme Ketosis Exogenous Ketones


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Stop fueling your body with sugar and carbs and experience a more natural and efficient energy source with Xtreme™ Ketosis. Skip the sugar and opt for an energy supplement made from pure BHB salts.
You can get all the benefits of a low carb diet, including forcing the liver to convert your body’s fats to ketones to satisfy your appetite and provide energy for your muscles, brain, and heart – without the discipline required to eliminate carbs from your diet!


Enjoy the benefits of ketosis whether your diet includes carbohydrates or not. Teach your body to burn fat instead of sugar, experienced reduced hunger, and enjoy both instant and long-term releases of energy to power through your workouts.
Beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is best known as the body’s alternative fuel source when no glucose is present. When we go 24 hours or more without food the body will switch to ketones, including BHB, for energy. Using Xtreme Ketosis tells the body to switch to BHB as fuel with or without carbohydrates and glucose in your diet.


11 reviews for Xtreme Ketosis Exogenous Ketones

  1. Jennifer Senter (verified owner)

  2. Elizabeth Richardson

    Great flavor, and incredible shipping time

  3. Anonymous

    This works great! It is a little chalkie. But I would imagine thats the same for all.

  4. Leanne L.

    I love the energy and mental clarity this gives me. It also suppressed my appetite!

  5. Elizabeth F.

    Works great!!

  6. Andy Cebulsi

    Loved the flavor of this product. This product is excellent. I have tried many flavors of Ketones and by far this flavor is the best! My wife has lost 20 lbs this past month just using this product. She feels great and says her brain is clear and her energy is high. I know it works for that fact. I have watched my wife try to lose weight for many years. This has boosted her to really drop weight and she feels great.

  7. Lori Waddell

    AMAZING FLAVOR…. GREAT BENEFITS! BOOST OF ENERGY AS WELL! Taste great in just water or combined with whatever you’re drinking. I’ve used it in Hot Tea (no need for separate sweetner), different fruit flavored drink mixes, water …anything! ?????The Fruit Punch flavor is Amazing.

  8. michelletomboli

    This is the best tasting Ketones I have had!! Love Love Love!!

  9. Allyson Krysiewski

    This drink is AMAZING. Tastes really good and no side effects.

  10. Tiffany B

    Love this drink! Taste great too!

  11. Sierra Clark

    Love this product! I experienced very minimal side effects of the keto flu and i believe this product had a lot to do with it

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