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With Our Supplement Sample Packs, You’ll be sure to find a weight loss supplement that fits all your needs!

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Not sure what product will fit you? Try out samples of the products and find what fits for your weight loss needs!

Our weight loss sample packs vary from 5-10 capsules but are all a “5 Day Supply”.

During your testing of samples you should take notice to a few things to see how well the supplement fits your needs.

Make sure to take notice to:
1. Is your appetite controlled?
2. Do you have more energy?
3. Are you more focused?
4. Are you going to the bathroom?
5. Does the supplement cause you jitters?
6. Did you feel better in general?

There’s no limit to how many you can try! Find what works for you!

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5 reviews for Supplement Sample Packs

  1. Joan Solmonson (verified owner)

    Just started sample pack so will let you know later

  2. Peggy B. (verified owner)

    I noticed a clear difference even with just the weeks’ worth of samples. I have had trouble losing weight since hitting menopause and all the supplements that Toni has suggested have provided very positive results. Down 19+ pounds in about 2.5 months. She’s a godsend and products are of high quality and perform well in my journey.

  3. Lillie F (verified owner)

  4. Erin G. (verified owner)

    So far I’ve been taking Intensity and it really takes cravings away and suppresses your appetite I love it!

  5. Silvia Rubio (verified owner)

    I purchased samples for Intensity, and I LOVED IT!!! Had me drenched in sweat and I actually fasted till about 4 pm, literally suppressed my appetite, only had a black coffee in the AM, really recommend Intensity no side effects at all!

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