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7 reviews for Intensity, Flex, & Firm

  1. Jennifer Senter (verified owner)

  2. Karen Snyder

    Flex has been amazing for me , I’ve been taking for over a month and I’ve losted 10lbs. And im on a high dose of pain medicine but since I’ve been taking Flex I’ve not taking much of pain medicine.

  3. Peggy B. (verified owner)

    The FLEX is AMAZING. Much needed knee pain relief when nothing else has helped to this degree. I’ve only taken the Intensity and Firm for a week but I’m down 5 lb. The first few days, it made me shaky and a little queasy but my tolerance level is much better now. Can’t wait to see full results after finishing the product. Definitely a thumbs up so far!!

  4. Rosemary (verified owner)

  5. Jennifer Senter

    The appetite and fat burning is amazing. My back and hip has felt better since using Flex 🙂 Already went through one bottle. Awesome sauce 😁

  6. Lillie

    Flex is amazing!!

  7. Krisha

    Love all of them!

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